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We’re here to answer your questions, discuss your child’s educational needs, and provide information about our tailored 1-to-1 learning programs. Your child’s success is our priority.

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We will be in contact to book your child’s FREE MATHS ASSESSMENT.

When we call you, we will ask you the following:
If your child is working towards a particular exam such as 7+, 11+, SATs or GCSEs!
Or if it’s just Maths Mastery and becoming the best they can be!
Or if it’s just building confidence and a love for maths!
Oh, and Assessments will take place in the month of September 2023.

We understand there has been a real shortage of Mental Maths brains in recent years and this is why we are opening a Mathnasium near you!

Speak soon!

Notting Hill Maths Mastery Team We teach maths so that children understand it, master it, and love it.